Summer beauty

If you happen to feel like looking at beautiful photos of the cottage featuring a beautiful woman and gorgeous shoes….this is the place to be looking.



Hilde’s little cottage and the great big world

Recently Airbnb released their ten most wishlisted places and this little cob was ranked #4 worldwide thanks to all our amazing guests and others, unnamed, who’ve noticed or dreamed of a visit or just wanted to remember this small cottage on a small island.

We are grateful everyday to Hilde and the good folks of Cobworks  for creating a place so full of love and beauty.

We are thankful for all the friends we’ve made because of a cob cottage that has changed our lives in so many ways both tiny and huge.  The joy and warmth of our community—local and farflung— warms our hearts!




The cottage has made a few media appearances lately.  Last summer we were filmed for a french series featuring unique cottages of the West Coast.  You can find the episodes here.  It’s the second half of episode six.  The series is a fascinating mix of cottages and settings.  We don’t speak french but enjoyed watching them all for the lovely scenes.


Tiny House Talk has also featured the cob in a recent newsletter.  In June, it also appeared on Small House Bliss.

While I’m linking, I’ve recently written a guest post for Handmade by Stefanie who is a amazing woman in the fiber industry as well as Team Louet’s Spinzilla captain.


This is a wool related post.  Mostly I want to mention that PLY magazine will send you a free copy of their Fine Spinning issue coming out in June–if you have a US address.  (I’ve had an article accepted for this issue…if you want to read it…..)  I hope all spinners (or aspiring spinners) who haven’t read this beautiful magazine will take advantage.

The following are editor, Jacey Boggs, words on how to get your copy:

“There are still so many people that haven’t heard of PLY!

I’m doing a free 1-issue trial for the next issue. It’s just for new readers in the US (we can’t yet afford to pay the shipping for trials outside the US) and if they sign up, they’ll get the next issue sent from the printers free, as a trial. We really hope after they see it they’ll want to subscribe!

go here

and input the code: NEWEYES.

that’s it! They’ll get the next issue (the fine issue, early june) to see if they like it!”

Spring on the Island


We’ve been enjoying low tide walks along the beach and the sounds of frogs at night.  The hens have started laying again after their long winter break.

In my knitting year, the wool sheared last spring and spun last fall has become a new sweater for M. to wear next winter finished just before the next year’s cycle begins anew with spring shearing.


The sweater is a mashup of vintage patterns and was chosen as a winner in Roving Crafters recent knitalong!

Winter Days


In the winter, there is a certain way of being cozy, of watching the world on rainy days that makes the greens brighter and the greys of weathered wood subtle and lovely.  Many people leave the island this time of year, for vibrant cities and sunny climes.  Sometimes I think this is my favorite season to really see this island.  There are ravens and windstorms and solitude.  The fire in the wood stove makes the house especially snug after a tramp down to the driftwood strewn beach.  And the smells of simmering squash soup and roast garlic fill the house.


There is much knitting and spinning and cookies to prepare for the holiday.  It is a good time of year.