Delight in the form of a Flax Wheel


Isn’t this a lovely wheel that has come here to live? I’m learning so much as I clean and oil and start to spin. In free moments, I search for who and what. This shape seems to appear in both Normandy and Tyrollean wheels. From the emphasis on ornamentation combined with minimal wear, I suspect she is an antique parlor wheel from a middle class family. I would love to hear her story.

She is a bobbin lead and really does seem to be set up solely for flax (or other bast fibres such as the hemp I’m currently spinning). I don’t quite know what to do with a distaff yet and I don’t think it’s complete. Like many things……this is all a work in progress.


Louet Linens

I’ve been doing some sample knitting for Louet, which I was slightly sad to post back to them. Must knit one for myself….. I loved the crisp hand of the linen and the perfect blue of the shawl. It brought me dreams of beach days and garden parties as I knit through snowy afternoons.


The pattern, Susanna IC’s Blaeberry knit in Caribbean Blue.

I also knit a Gunnison sample for their spring collection in Soft Coral. Anne Podlesak’s pattern is simple and well written with perfect details.