Hilde’s little cottage and the great big world

Recently Airbnb released their ten most wishlisted places and this little cob was ranked #4 worldwide thanks to all our amazing guests and others, unnamed, who’ve noticed or dreamed of a visit or just wanted to remember this small cottage on a small island.

We are grateful everyday to Hilde and the good folks of Cobworks  for creating a place so full of love and beauty.

We are thankful for all the friends we’ve made because of a cob cottage that has changed our lives in so many ways both tiny and huge.  The joy and warmth of our community—local and farflung— warms our hearts!



4 thoughts on “Hilde’s little cottage and the great big world

  1. I was thrilled for you to see all the attention your little cottage has received (It has been posted a number of times on Facebook as well) You have done a great job extending hospitality to others and consequently brought some much deserved recognition to our little island. Thank you

    • Thank you! It’s pretty amazing–I’m so glad cob building is getting so much love in the world….we can’t really take credit for anything. The folks at Cobworks are all kinds of fantastic.

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