Abundant Spring


This is a wonderful new thing in my life. It’s been perfect for the quiet moments that keep me steady amongst serious potato planting, a family trip, birthdays (boys and me), sheep shearing day, many wonderful cottage guests and all those other things that come with spring in the Gulf islands.

It came to me from Ashli to whom I feel immensely grateful. I love the rhythm of this wheel.

This wheel is a double drive built by a man who built wheels of this type in Seattle in the seventies/eighties. This is all I know of its history and maker. It’s lovely wood, I wish I knew what type. The bobbins have a center core of a different type of wood, something very hard

Yes, this is my third spinning wheel. I’m delighted by how different each is and how much I’m learning about different systems and setups. And they each have their specialties with very little overlap between them. I’m the daughter of a man who had at least thirty different sizes and shapes of hammer.



This is the first yarn of the new wheel.


It may look a bit like garden twine but I’m the culprit there. The wheel has a much better idea of how to do this than I do.