Cob Cottage


The cob cottage is a unique and magical space built with the amazing love and creativity of some very special folks. Most building materials were sourced on the property or reclaimed on the island. My husband and I were serendipitously drawn together by the beauty of this dwelling and then led to live on this island we call home.

The heart of the house belongs with Hilde Dawe, dearly remembered in the community.

The bones were begun with a workshop led by natural building visionary Ianto Evans author of The Handsculpted House, a wonderful introduction to both cob building and a whole living philosophy.

Most important for creating and finishing the vision were the marvelous folks of Cobworks who I am proud to call friends.

If you would like to experience this living space, rental information can be found at Airbnb. Or feel free to contact us directly.


2 thoughts on “Cob Cottage

  1. I’m so glad to see that this place is still as loved as it deserves to be. My friends and I were very close to Hilde when we were children and practically lived on her property for a couple of summers. I vividly remember her letting us sleep in the cottage one night in the summer, and it’s such a magical memory for me – so thank you for letting other people experience that 🙂

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