Winter Days


In the winter, there is a certain way of being cozy, of watching the world on rainy days that makes the greens brighter and the greys of weathered wood subtle and lovely.  Many people leave the island this time of year, for vibrant cities and sunny climes.  Sometimes I think this is my favorite season to really see this island.  There are ravens and windstorms and solitude.  The fire in the wood stove makes the house especially snug after a tramp down to the driftwood strewn beach.  And the smells of simmering squash soup and roast garlic fill the house.


There is much knitting and spinning and cookies to prepare for the holiday.  It is a good time of year.

16 thoughts on “Winter Days

  1. What a great blog and I adore your writing style. I thank you for visiting my blog and know that I am your newest follower.
    Beth P
    The Whimsical Dowager

  2. Thank you for the visit. I am a new follower. I love reading about your life and am lusting after the hand spun yarns. I have barely learned to spin when I worked at a living history museum, but never got to practice much. Wish I had learned more. Your knitted shawls are beautiful, as is the cottage, and the twins What a wonderful life you are living.

  3. Ohhh I’m in love with this place already! Cottage life on an island with chickens and sheep and lots of yummy yarn and nature surrounding you…. I’m in! Going to follow your blog. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Wendy of Apple and Apricot

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  5. Hi Alexis You were the number picked for my GYB Giveaway of a Zentangle. I hope you still want a sheep ZIA as I’ve already started it!! Can you contact me with an address where I can send the picture when I’ve finished it. Thanks!

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