Dishcloth Story

Dishcloths are the the best summer family playground knitting. I discovered this last summer and now travel with a small stock of cheery colors since the only cotton yarn I could find within walking distance last holiday was in x-mas colors. (and the red bleeds in the sink!).

The benefits of the dishcloth are its pocket sized appeal, simplicity, and indestructible nature. You pause before you toss your alpaca lacework in the wood chips and risk a miss catching the boy who suddenly leaps off the top of the rock. Dishcloths fulfill my fidgety fingers without resulting in more skinned knees. You can also leave them with your host as a thank you, if your home drawer is well supplied.

They’re also a perfect practice piece when you meet young knitters.

Dishcloth with the help of V. who practiced her purling!


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