agreeable nature

West coast Canadians are unbearably smug about our gardens year round. Yes, we can grow figs and kiwis and artichokes and olives. Really though, most important element is this…..

January flowers; just as I was dreaming golden yellow, it’s popped up in the garden…..the miracle of two warm days.


And my yarn is done. Someone else seems to like the color too.


3 thoughts on “agreeable nature

    • Hi! It’s on the needles as we speak….yet another top down raglan. He keeps picking it up and trying to help when I put it down. Today he moved a couple of dozen stitches from one needle to the next while carefully wrapping a loop of yarn between each one. Soon, I expect actual knit stitches…..
      I’ve been thinking about June and chatting with Klare, the back strap and tapestry weaving Klare. Would the weekend of either June 14 or 28th work for you?

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